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Procurement Operations Analyst


Slovak Republic

Area of Interest

Operations Careers

Career Area

Legal & Commercial Services


Bilingual High School in Poprad

What I Do

I have been with Accenture for three years. At present, I am working in sourcing as a purchaser focusing on the German market. My main task involves intensive interaction with our client and the relevant suppliers, with the aim of negotiating the best possible offer based on the internal client’s specification of the goods or services required. It is my responsibility to maintain contact with the client’s people who need to order and purchase certain goods or services for their company or department. However, once I receive their order, I have to make sure that what they want is what I plan to buy for them. Then I have to decide upon a suitable method of procurement, depending on the type of commodity. Using the Internet and the available client databases, I analyse the market and the client’s needs in order to choose the most suitable supplier for the selection procedure. After its completion, it is my task to draw up orders for the selected goods or services using pre-defined rules. The goal is to acquire goods/services on the best terms possible, while maintaining operational continuity. In the event of delayed delivery or unexpected changes in the prices or volumes of the goods delivered, I also look for the causes and try to resolve the situation.

Day in my Life

My working day begins by inspecting the purchase requests received from the client. Throughout the day, I continuously handle additional queries, received offers, technical assessments of the offers or any missing confirmations and documents that become necessary in the later stages of the ordering procedure. Having analysed the commercial offers received based on the specifications, I contact the relevant suppliers again with a view to negotiating the best possible price and payment terms for the client. Where all the essentials necessary for drawing up an order for the goods or services in question are complete, I create an order in the SAP client system, in accordance with the given rules. If a delivery is delayed or if the supplier additionally changes certain details in an order, I communicate with the relevant contact persons via telephone or in writing in order to resolve the discrepancy as fast as possible so as to avoid a delay in the delivery of the goods.

Outside the Office/Work

I try to spend my free time with my friends, who are mostly also my colleagues, sitting in the audience of Bratislava’s theatres and studios, since comedy performances and chamber concerts are a great passion of mine. Whenever possible, I also like to visit dancing clubs, as dancing is my most intensive hobby. In order to be in the shape to continue enjoying it, I also go to the gym to keep fit.

My Advice
The experience you gain in sourcing will allow you to enhance your knowledge of the market, while giving you invaluable skills in the procurement of products/services that may also become handy in everyday life. You will employ your communication skills and the ability to respond to market offers, and negotiating prices and favourable conditions with the suppliers will give you a chance to put your foreign language skills to use as well.