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Develop your SAP skills and build attractive career


Accenture in the Slovak Republic is providing excellent career opportunities for talented professionals with SAP skills. For anyone serious about a career in SAP, Accenture is hard to beat. So don’t miss this opportunity and apply today.


During more than 11 years with Accenture, I participated in many SAP projects for clients from a wide range of industries in Slovakia as well as abroad. I have also completed several training courses that allowed me to learn new things and advance my career. At Accenture we do not only implement the system, but consider SAP to be an integral part of business integration. The business integration, in addition to technology, also includes the process and organizational part of the project. Successful implementation of such projects is obviously a huge challenge for each company. However it is great to see the real benefits that such an approach to system implementation can deliver.
Maroš Čuchta
Bratislava Delivery Center for IT Lead, Accenture

SAP career with Accenture

Check out another 9 reasons why you should develop your SAP career with Accenture

  1. We are a recognized global leader in SAP solutions and services, with a 30-year track record of success

  2. We are one of the only providers that excels across the entire implementation lifecycle, capable of providing everything from strategic front-end expertise, through to technical implementation work: this means you could have the opportunity to work across the board on SAP, or just focus on one component if you prefer.

  3. We have won more SAP Pinnacle Awards since their inception in 2003 than any other systems integrator. Check our latest achievements and awards received. For example, in May 2014 we won in the following two categories: "Cloud Services Provider of the Year" and "System Integrator Market Impact".

  4. We have over 30,900 SAP professionals globally, working on more than 1,500 projects every year.

  5. We work alongside SAP on product and market development which means we have early access to software and can have an impact on its development and uses.

  6. Our SAP delivery suite comprises of our proprietary SAP methods and tools, which are based on our long-standing and extensive experience in SAP projects. These tools set Accenture apart from our competition and make us stand out in the eyes of our clients. Also, our experienced SAP professionals have told us that these tools enable exceptional productivity, which ultimately helps them be more effective.

  7. The level of SAP training you receive at Accenture is second-to-none. We bought SAP’s Online Knowledge Education Content Library and its entire Global Master Curriculum as a resource for our people, and we are the only SAP partner to have secured this agreement, allowing us to expand our training offerings and help our people build even deeper SAP skills.

  8. Our clients are some of the world’s most prestigious companies, including 91 of the Fortune Global 100.

  9. You will be able to build and expand your skills to a higher level than anywhere else

SAP positions in the Slovakia

Excellent opportunities for candidates with 5-10+ years SAP experience in project implementation and deep knowledge on SAP solutions, willing to follow clients to different locations.



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Michaela Kuzmová
Michaela Kuzmová
+421 2 5929 0736

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