A digital identity for residents to access government services


Building an individual digital identity for Singapore Residents to access government digital services

Singapore Personal Access (SingPass) was enhanced in July 2015, and it was a nation-wide implementation of a secure two-factor authentication system, which supports over 3.3 million users. The enhancements include an improved user interface, mobile-friendly features and stronger security capabilities, particularly for transactions involving sensitive data. With Singapore’s Smart Nation Initiative, Accenture continues to partner the Singapore Government to progressively evolve SingPass to be a digital identity that integrates seamlessly with citizens’ lives.


Citizens today have high expectations of government service delivery. They want a single point of access for multiple services, simplicity and ubiquitous access. At the same time, they want their personal data and privacy to be well protected. Accenture and Government Technology Agency of Singapore (GovTech) designed the enhanced SingPass system with the following objectives:

  • To safeguard digital assets and personal information

  • To provide greater access and increased convenience for digital government transactions

  • To provide a source of identity that is usable and scalable across agencies


Accenture collaborated with GovTech to enhance the level of security with the introduction of a SAML-based Federated Authentication and two-factor authentication in 2015. As part of continuous improvement, SingPass’ user interface were also revamped to improve the usability and mobile-friendliness of the platform. A holistic communications strategy was also deployed to drive adoption among citizens with varying levels of tech-savviness.

Accenture and GovTech are also working closely to improve existing features and processes in order to provide a wider range of benefits for citizens.


SingPass can be used to access over 250 digital services from 60 government agencies. This includes filing of taxes and applying for public housing online. Serving over 3.3 million users, SingPass has become an integral part of every citizen’s life. SingPass has also formed the basis for integration with other key government initiatives, such as CorpPass—a digital identity for corporate users to transact with the Government; and MyInfo—a digital service that allows users to manage their personal data online and auto-fill forms upon consent. Aside from government digital services, MyInfo was extended to the banking sector with four participating banks. It will also be extended to more locally-registered businesses for improved user experience. These government digital initiatives have brought Singapore a step closer to its vision of becoming a Smart Nation.