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Mediaset: Convergent multiscreen video-on-demand service for mediaset infinity

Find out how Accenture helped Mediaset launch a multiscreen over-the-top TV (OTT) service—redefining video-on-demand.


Accenture helped Mediaset launch Infinity, an award-winning and disruptive multiscreen Over-the-Top TV (OTT TV) service that is redefining video-on-demand with a highly personalized and seamless user experience.

RTI Mediaset is the largest commercial TV broadcaster in Italy and a major media company in Europe. Mediaset has been at the forefront of the OTT TV adoption in Italy, having launched Italy’s first OTT TV offering Premium Play in 2011. Accenture collaborated end to end with Mediaset in this strategic offering.

Over the past few years, consumers have steadily moved away from the traditional TV box to multiple mobile devices, powering a growth in OTT TV and creating new market opportunities. Now with Infinity, an innovative video-on-demand OTT offering that boasts of a catalog of more than 7,500 titles, Mediaset is redefining the market once again. From the time of its launch, Infinity has positioned Mediaset at the leading edge of convergent, multichannel video-on-demand services.


With the Italian OTT TV market poised for double digit growth over the next three years, Mediaset sought to capture new target groups that seek an enhanced and truly mobile video-on-demand experience. These tech-savvy consumers have access to multiple devices and want personalized “anytime, anywhere” services rather than being ruled by a broadcaster’s schedule.

By providing simple access to an exhaustive video library at competitive prices, Infinity would not only fulfill a growing customer demand and also enable Mediaset to rapidly monetize its rich digital content catalogue.

To deliver this crucial program, Mediaset turned to Accenture as its trusted ally. Using Accenture’s proprietary video content delivery and content management solutions and industrialized assets, Mediaset was able to launch the service in time for the Christmas holiday period with just 12 weeks of time-to-market and an extremely low total cost of ownership.


Mediaset has built Infinity on Accenture Video Solution (AVS)—a key technology platform to deliver a coherent, seamless and content-rich user experience on multiple devices. We drew on our 20 years’ experience in video business strategy and technology and the robust technological capabilities of AVS to ensure a highly responsive and adaptive service with a smooth viewing experience for customers.

We worked closely with Mediaset to create a compelling catalogue of more than 7,500 titles with 10,000 hours of movies, cartoons, TV series, fiction and much more. These titles are available to Infinity customers for viewing anytime, anywhere on a wide range of devices.

Infinity became the first OTT TV offering on Sony PlayStation 4 gaming consoles in Italy. Its “Download & Go” feature allows users to download content and play it in offline mode on multiple devices. It fully integrates with popular social networks and social TV to cater to the always-connected target user groups.


The strong collaboration with Accenture enabled Mediaset to launch the service in just three months to gain valuable first-mover advantage. This innovative video-on-demand offering has:

  • Re-affirmed Mediaset’s position as the leading player in the Italian market—helping it realize greater sales and revenue.

  • Received enthusiastic response from consumers and touched more than 600,000 registered users within six weeks of launch in December 2013.

  • Helped offer a faster and better customer experience at significantly lower costs by moving the content catalogue and distribution to the cloud.

The offering has not only boosted Mediaset’s addressable market but also satisfied the customers’ demand for a convergent, seamless and multiscreen personalized experience.