A corporate digital identity for businesses to access government services


Launching a single digital corporate identity for businesses to access government digital services

Conceptualised in 2014 and officially introduced in September 2016, CorpPass is the new corporate digital identity for businesses and other entities (e.g. non-profit organisations and associations) to transact with government agencies online. As an authentication and access management system for businesses, this marks the first time which the government is rolling out a single corporate digital identity. This creates opportunities for even more services and transactions to be provided online conveniently and securely.


As of today, entities are maintaining multiple accounts such as SingPass and EASY in order to transact with various government agencies. As a result, business users’ personal SingPass accounts are being used for transactions on behalf of the company. This is not ideal, as SingPass is a personal digital identity and should be reserved for individual transactions with the government.

CorpPass allows enhanced security, control and convenience to business users. This digital identity is also envisioned to eventually develop into a login mechanism which businesses can use to transact safely and securely in a digital economy straddling both private and public domains.


Accenture implemented a self-service access management and authorisation system with features addressing key business needs:

  • Ability to create multiple user accounts and control of individual user’s digital service access

  • Availability of different account types with varying levels of access to system functions

  • Access to functions which allows the entity to authorise government digital services to a third party organisation, which will transact on behalf of the entity

As CorpPass will be used by businesses nation-wide, a holistic roll-out strategy was implemented:

  • Adopted a phased implementation strategy for agency onboarding to reduce risks

  • Provided close to a 2-year long period to allow for dual usage of existing ID and CorpPass to smoothen transition

  • Extensive user engagement throughout implementation to revalidate design, gather continuous user feedback and provide user support to sustain end user buy-in


CorpPass can be used to access over 130 government digital services. With a centralised platform to manage access of entity users to various digital services, businesses are expected to benefit from an improvement in transactions with the government using CorpPass. Business users are able to identify themselves with the value propositions of CorpPass, which are to provide greater security, control and convenience for businesses. The project team is also continuously refining the system by rolling out new functionalities to cater to changing business needs and to improve user experience.