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General Insurer: Windows 8 upgrade

Accenture helps a general insurer upgrade to Windows 8 quickly and cost-effectively by hosting the server on the Accenture Cloud Platform (ACP).


A general insurer was upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 8 and needed a secure server environment to analyze the compatibility of their desktop applications.

With Accenture Cloud Platform (ACP), the insurer was able to assess desktop application compatibility with different Windows operating systems in days instead of months—saving the client both time and money.

This general insurer operates in multiple geographies with businesses in both mature and emerging markets.

The timeline of the upgrade depended on quickly establishing the server environment. However, the insurer was concerned that its own internal processes and server self-provision wouldn’t be efficient enough—thus resulting in potential missed deadlines.


Accenture has implemented more than 8,000 cloud projects in 50 countries with the help of its more than 9,125 skilled cloud professionals. Combined with a history of collaboration on a broad range of projects, this intensive experience gave the insurer confidence that Accenture could help successfully execute the upgrade.

Employing the Accenture Cloud Platform and using our existing relationship with Avanade (an Accenture majority-owned company dedicated to helping clients maximize returns on their Microsoft investments), we were able to quickly select and help facilitate the computing power of ChangeBASE—a software analysis tool. With our strategic partnership with Avanade and Microsoft, we were able to extend the advantage of flexible and lower-cost applications to our client.

Accenture helped the insurer set up a ChangeBASE environment on the cloud. Once this tool was set up, the Accenture team analyzed the first 500 applications. Avanade then provided the specialized skills in Microsoft technologies to complete the rest of the analysis.

Seventy-five percent of the work was performed at Accenture’s India Delivery Center.


With Accenture hosting the environment on the cloud, Accenture and the insurer collaborated to quickly and cost-effectively set up the new server and install the database and software. The insurer was able to avoid the complications and delays that could have resulted if they had hosted their own server.

Where traditional internal hosting would have taken months to set up, the Accenture Cloud Platform team was able to set up the cloud environment within two days. Additionally, the setup of the servers took only a few hours.

As a result of the considerable reduction in project time, the insurer met all major deadlines for the upgrade and gained the ability to assess desktop compatibility with various Windows platforms in an environment with improved speed and flexibility.

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