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Accenture a leader in Business Intelligence in Asia Pacific

Forrester Research, Inc. has named Accenture a leader in Business Intelligence services in the Asia Pacific region.

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Business decision-makers in Asia Pacific (AP) are increasingly aware of the importance of business intelligence (BI) and broader analytics to business strategy and execution. However, lack of internal expertise is a potentially significant barrier to the success of BI projects in the region. BI service providers have responded by strengthening their regional and country-specific implementation capabilities in AP. In Forrester’s 53-criteria evaluation of BI service providers with in-region resources, they identified eight companies, including Accenture, that offer strong capabilities and services for AP-based organizations seeking BI service support.

"With more than 2,000 BI specialists in the region, Accenture is one of the largest BI service providers in AP; it has a presence in every major developed and developing market in the region.

The company delivers BI projects including large innovation initiatives for multinational corporations, data warehouse implementations for regional customers, and managed services engagements. One common thread: Accenture's client strategy is driven by functions and/or industries to ensure that the insight-driven outcomes are relevant to the business.

In China, it is also successfully delivering an increasing number of deals that center on business outcomes. Productized data models, frameworks, and software assets also enable Accenture to respond efficiently to time- and cost-sensitive customers in Asia. Last but not least, its global information-sharing repository helps quickly deliver best practices from customers in different geographies to pan-Asian organizations from similar industries and with similar maturity levels."

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