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Using analytics to achieve efficiency and cost savings in New York City

The City of New York has long been a leader in using of analytics to manage operations and make it one of the safest and most efficient big cities.


Accenture engaged with the City of New York on the DataBridge project, a best-in-class, enterprise level analytics platform which included tools, processes, and an organizational structure designed to increase public safety, deliver services more efficiently, and protect its finances.

The City is now employing cutting edge analytical techniques to achieve fast and sustainable results, facilitating holistic analysis for trends impacting many aspects of City government.

These insights help employees perform their jobs more effectively with a measureable impact that benefits New Yorkers through more responsive and accurate services.

“From creating powerful assessment models for identifying high-risk illegal housing conversions, to using the latest data and technology to combat property fraud and prescription drug abuse, the Policy and Strategic Planning Analytics Team has been at the forefront of our innovative problem-solving strategies.”


City of New York


In an effort to expand the role analytics plays in the City, Mayor Michael Bloomberg launched the Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics (MODA), a department focused on creating cross-agency data transparency in order to make more informed operational decisions to root out fraud and waste.

Through the success of the MODA, City leadership recognized that sophisticated use of analytics could go beyond just looking at the past and could provide a better way to understand and prepare for the future.

A powerful analytics infrastructure could enable the City to more quickly and accurately shift resources to where they are needed most.

The City chose to work with Accenture to design and implement this analytics infrastructure (DataBridge), building upon other successful work, such as developing and running Citywide Performance Reporting (CPR), the City’s award winning enterprise business intelligence platform.


Accenture collaborated with the City to enhance its level of analytics maturity. While technology was the critical underpinning to the analytics initiative, the team also focused on how people and processes could contribute to the program’s success. The DataBridge project involved three phases:

  1. Building the infrastructure. Establishing an end-to-end infrastructure - including data, data management, methods and consumption - that lays the foundation for a powerful analytical capability.

  2. Assessing the available data. Analyzing the wealth of available City data - data that is created every day as the City operates. The goal was to create a comprehensive picture of City operations and to ensure the most pertinent data was available to conduct meaningful analyses.

  3. Creating a model for sustainability. Establish a scalable structure to support growth and sustainability. This effort included developing a set of tools to help prioritize initiatives based upon their quantitative and qualitative value and an organization structure to support the work.


Through DataBridge, City employees can now:

  • Prioritize issues and better allocate resources.

  • Make decisions based on true need, not by numbers of complaints from citizens.

  • Save lives by helping avoid human catastrophe.

  • Identify high-risk or high-cost activities.

  • Identify patterns in data to reduce risk and stop problems before they happen.

  • Identify and reduce instances of fraudulent, wasteful, abusive, and erroneous activities/transactions.

The project will continue to drive quantifiable results through revenue saved, increased operational efficiencies, and public safety, including the Hurricane Sandy recovery effort.


Narendra Mulani

Senior Managing Director
Accenture Applied Intelligence

Mulani is responsible for driving Accenture’s strategic agenda for growth across business analytics. He leads an integrated community of over 16,500 management consulting, technology and outsourcing people who are serving clients across industries around the globe.