MINDEF NS portal


Enabling smarter personalised citizen interaction with a revamped National Service portal

In 2015, as part of its effort to better engage and reach out to the National Service (NS) community, the Singapore Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) embarked on a revamp of the NS portal. They wanted to provide a multi-channel, hassle-free experience by making portal access and administrative activities more user-friendly. Accenture won the tender as the end-to-end service provider to revamp the NS portal and within 11 months, the first release of the portal was ready.


Providing a seamless and enhanced NS experience is important when engaging the NS community and the revamp of the NS portal is intended to provide easy-to-use and personalised service delivery. A key part of this seamless user experience is to have a digital portal that enables servicemen to easily retrieve the information they need and to perform transactions such as updating their details in a user-friendly way. In 2015, Accenture won the tender as the end-to-end service provider to revamp the NS portal.


Accenture leveraged on its deep and broad industry experience to deliver the solution required by MINDEF. As we were tasked with delivering the NS portal from end to end, the key work included designing the user experience and developing multi-channel public notifications. The work also included developing and integrating the back-end infrastructure with the migration of more than 30 existing e-Services and the establishment of a new 24/7 call centre with a comprehensive customer relationship management system and infrastructure operations.

Specifically, we integrated the portal with numerous sub-systems to provide a more comprehensive view of servicemen’s backgrounds and transaction histories. We developed business intelligence dashboards to monitor case management and performance and executed a complex data migration from MINDEF’s legacy system to the new portal. We also implemented and improved on the e-Services’ front-end designs with application programming interfaces (APIs).


Since its launch, the NS portal has garnered, on average, 10 million page views and 250,000 logins every month. It is providing servicemen with access to the information that they need and in performing their administrative transactions with far greater ease and in a more user-friendly manner, thereby helping MINDEF drive better government service delivery to the NS community it serves.