Innovation for real-time government agencies

Singapore Government: Journey to Cloud

Unlocking opportunities for government

Whether it’s a public, private or a hybrid cloud solution, Accenture is product and platform agnostic, focusing on the best solution for you.

Results driven & designed for outcomes

Our automated toolsets, extensive ecosystem and migration capabilities make complex processes fast, easy and secure.

Affordable, scalable and flexible

Tailored to meet your size, security demands and fluctuating usage requirements, your resources become liquid—available as needed and paid as consumed.

Develop better citizen services faster

With efficient, agile and scalable cloud capabilities in place you can focus on developing better citizen services and experiences.

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Singapore government: Journey to cloud

Singapore public agencies are using cloud for the business agility, speed to market and innovation that as-a-service promises. Our end-to-end cloud services, government insights and willingness to build partnerships can help address business demands.


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cloud professionals

20K +

projects with 80% of the global fortune 100

1.6M +

workloads migrated to private and public cloud

Unleash the power of cloud

We have the people, process and technology to unravel the complexities of cloud migration – and optimise your assets after launch.

Vincent Lim

Managing Director, Lead – Accenture Intelligent Cloud & Infrastructure, ASEAN

More cloud, more business value

A global survey, conducted by IDG Research and sponsored by Accenture, showed that heavy adopters of public cloud report multiple quantifiable benefits.

Case studies

Accenture’s Journey to Cloud

Accenture is in the process of transforming itself into a digital-first enterprise. Today, we are 92 percent in the public cloud.


Accenture and Towergate embarked on one of the most comprehensive IT reboots and ambitious cloud migrations the financial services industry has seen.

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Accenture is the only #1 integrator for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google.

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