ServiceNow connector for search engines

Secure, efficient data connectivity between ServiceNow and your search application

Bring data from ServiceNow into your search engine

ServiceNow provides service management for enterprise cloud applications used in various business departments.

As part of our services, Accenture offers a wide range of pre-built and custom data connectors to help integrate content from various sources into search engines for an enhanced search and analytics experience.

Our ServiceNow connector is search engine independent and can work with multiple open source and commercial products, such as Solr, Elasticsearch, SharePoint, Azure, Google Cloud Search, and others.

ServiceNow connector features

We provide custom-built as well as pre-built connectors to help cater to your needs. Learn more about our 50+ connectors.

Metadata processing

Provides comprehensive metadata capture, mapping, and extraction functions to enable advanced search features and enhance the search experience.


Allows for sophisticated document-level security.


Crawls public and published Knowledge Articles (we can help you customize the connector to crawl other content databases as required).

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