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Accenture Labs: A foundation for tomorrow’s systems and platforms

Our researchers are focused on fortifying and enhancing the architecture for the enterprises of the future.

The Systems & Platforms R&D group fortifies and enhances the architecture for the enterprises of the future.

Highly dynamic, connected enterprises will need to handle a massive proliferation of data and mobile devices, orchestrate cross-organizational systems, and process complex events spanning vast geographies—all in real time. Our group develops frameworks, tools and services that provide the self-aware, self-managed and self-healing infrastructures and systems that are crucial to support scale and agility.

Our current research spans:​

  • Model-Driven Approach for Digital Platform: Scaling the management of infrastructure, architecture, and application domain

  • Data Management: Finding and accessing relevant data across heterogeneous data store technology and 3rd party systems

  • Edge Analytics: Deploying and managing analytics and applications outside of your platform

  • High Performance Computing: Leveraging GPUs, in memory systems, and quantum computing

  • Data Monetization and digital economy: exploring the opportunities and mechanisms needed to monetize data from IoT and the roadmap for an enterprise to run its data business.

  • Digital Utility: The impact of IoT for utilities like electrical, oil & gas, mining, and water.