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The problem with many courses currently available in the marketplace is that learning solutions are not tailored to the needs of an employee’s particular function. General learning about innovation or risk can only take a person so far. What really makes a difference to overall performance is courseware in a specialty skill that is tailored to a person’s specific job and role.

That’s where Accenture Academy comes in. Our extensive, proven skills curriculum—covering disciplines such as project management, process excellence, and sustainability and enterprise-resource planning—is designed to meet the requirements of organizations for employees with specialized skillsets.



Accenture Academy clients are realizing significant benefits in enhancing the specialty skills of their people, engaging top talent and improving organizational performance:

A leading agribusiness and food company with more than 35,000 employees in 40 countries retained Accenture Academy to set up a global learning program to cross train its employees in specialty skills, in order to help them gain a deeper understanding of other key company functions. The results led to increased business agility, improved decision making and business partnering across the organization and provided people with greater opportunities to move between functions.

One of the world’s largest discount retailers determined that company-wide skills in replenishment were less advanced than those in other areas. Inconsistent processes across regions were common, best practices were usually identified through trial and error, and the analytical proficiencies needed to make superior stocking decisions were often unavailable. Accenture Academy implemented a process-excellence training program to bring a new level of professionalism to the company’s retail inventory management, as well as a consistent, repeatable process for retailers and retail suppliers. The benefits have been significant and visible, including an improved ability to put the right product in the right place at the right time, more advanced technology skills for supporting replenishment, greater consistency in training and skills assessment, and increased career-enhancement potential, job satisfaction and workforce retention.

A global supplier of industrial gases, performance materials, equipment and technology sought to focus on improved process excellence in order to gain competitive advantage through lower costs and better customer service. The company selected Accenture Academy to implement a training and education program that would reach all echelons of staff and line management. As a result, it has seen continued improvement in its ability to meet customer needs more effectively and efficiently. Furthermore, Accenture Academy has helped to increase the company’s understanding of business processes and techniques in various roles and functions, which has brought more uniformity to its processes and helped eliminate waste and reduce overall costs.

One of the world’s premier biopharmaceutical companies, with annual revenues of more than $51 billion and 78,000 employees worldwide, partnered with Accenture Academy to help accelerate and enhance skill building in project and program management. The professional growth facilitated by Accenture Academy has been lauded by the company, as has the flexibility and inherent suitability of the learning solution to its global organization. As a result, people with capabilities in different areas are better able to collaborate, thereby improving the speed and results of projects across the organization.