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Accenture Labs: Reimagining the world through an Industrial Internet of Things

By integrating complex physical machinery with networked sensors and software, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is growing rapidly.


The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) marries a number of broad trends and shifts: Machine Learning, Big Data, Internet of Things, Machine-to-Machine communication.

The basic idea is to make the machines that power our economy “smarter” by gathering and analyzing data, often in real-time, and making appropriate responses on the fly.

Real-world benefits are taking shape in many ways, from equipment that provides a heads-up when service is needed to smart assisted-living homes for seniors that monitor daily activities and alert care providers.

Through our Accenture Labs, we’re investing significant research and development into new capabilities and service offerings.

We’re focused on how this disruptive technology will change business models and how clients can use it for competitive advantage and sustainable value.


The Industrial Internet of Things promises to redefine the roles of businesses and countries in the global economy. It will become a key driver in growth and competitiveness.

Business Benefits

Broadly speaking, we believe the IIoT provides benefits across four key areas:

  • Increased Efficiency—Enterprises can capture more data about their processes and products through the use of technologies such as sensors. In some cases, the data collected will provide valuable information to transform business practices or make real-time decisions.

  • New Business Models—New services and products are emerging, enabling new approaches to creating value for customers. The IIoT allows automation of some processes that can improve time-to-market, measure performance and rapidly respond to customer needs.

  • New Revenue Streams—New models open up new sources of revenue. The IIoT can help to monetize additional services on top of existing products.

  • Risk Management and Safety Compliance—By identifying areas that require attention, the IIoT can help reduce risk and monitor safety protocol adherence. Machines can learn to monitor and audit compliance procedures, flagging irregularities and issues much more quickly than humans can.

Why Accenture

We see a future where the intersection of people, data and intelligent machines will have an enormous impact on the productivity and efficiency of industries around the world.

In the long-term, the digital business will be characterized as a Perceptive Enterprise where:

  • Machines are an active part of the business process.

  • The product is less important than the information it carries.

In the near-term, innovations will be focused on sensors to improve insights and physical workflow process automation. We will see objects that can make informed decisions and machines that can take complex actions.

We have significant experience advising clients on challenges and opportunities in the Industrial Internet.

We draw upon our extensive services across groups including Mobility, Cloud, Industrial Internet Software Services and Technology Consulting, and our experiences through joint ventures such as Taleris with GE Aviation and Omnetric Group with Siemens.

A key aspect of our Industrial Internet of Things Strategic Innovation Initiative is our strategic relationship with GE, which we launched in 2013.

We are working with GE to jointly develop and market Industrial Internet technology services and pre-packaged solutions that can substantially impact efficiency and productivity.

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