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Health Organisations face unprecedented challenges—steadily rising costs, budget pressures, and growing public expectations for more convenient, affordable but high—quality care. These challenges precipitate the need for healthcare transformation that includes more efficient and sustainable business practices—that better support the delivery of improved healthcare.

Accenture's Health Enterprise Operations enables organisations to reposition their businesses through top line revenue and growth strategies. These strategies minimize risk, and enable:

  • Strategic cost reduction initiatives that improve operational effectiveness across the enterprise.

  • Innovative care delivery and payment models that maximise the value delivered to individuals and populations.

Accenture's Health Enterprise Operations enables organisations to reposition their businesses through top line revenue and growth strategies.

Why accenture

Accenture Enterprise Operations takes an assertive point of view based on strong situational analysis skills to address key issues. We drive a focus on quality and maintain a commitment to innovation. We also support your organisation’s desire to integrate and optimise People, Process and Technology performance. This leads to reduced costs, increased business insight, more efficient technology and leading practices that optimise operating efficiency.

Our dedicated Enterprise Operations professionals specialise in Back Office and Payment and Reimbursement services. They combine real-world experience, business and clinical insights and innovative technologies to deliver flexible strategies and solutions for organisations of varying sizes.

Specific services

Accenture Health Enterprise Operations offers a range of services—from large scale, enterprise-wide transformations to single entity performance improvement initiatives. They include merger integration, talent and organisation effectiveness, operational efficiency, revenue optimisation and financial improvement.

Financial Integrity and Accounting

  • Elimination of revenue leakage from operations

  • Lowest possible cost of operations

  • Adhering to payer contract requirements

  • Effective collection of patient liabilities

  • Identification and Management of underpayments and denials

  • General Accounting and Reporting

  • Financial Transformation

  • Financial Planning and Analytics

Customer Satisfaction

  • Streamlined site-of-service check-in process, with minimal time required of patient prior to service

  • Financial counseling for uninsured / underinsured

  • Service delivered in the appropriate setting

  • Flexible and fair community care policies and

  • Optimal integration between physicians, hospital(s) and payers

Operational Effectiveness

  • Standardised processes and procedures

  • Timely charge capture and coding

  • Technology-enabled workflow management

  • CDM processes to ensure elements in place for services provided

  • Accurate and timely payer authorisations

  • Strategic Sourcing

  • Supply Chain Transformation

  • Demand Management

  • HR Transformation

  • Workforce Transformation

  • Talent Management

  • Portfolio Optimisation

  • Sustainability and Energy Management

  • New Facility Planning

  • IT Security

  • Technology & Cloud Strategy

  • IT Operating Model

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