Improve service delivery

A "people first" culture requires insight, agility and reimagining the services that human resources (HR) delivers.


With the onset of the digital revolution, reimagining the services HR delivers to the organization while improving how it operates will be an important differentiator. That requires reexamining the requirements of your organization and how your workforce wants to consume HR services, then determining what kind of services HR should provide and how it should operate.

You need to focus on three key areas:

  1. Improving employee services – The objective of HR is to deliver an improved “customer” experience and optimize the way service is delivered. For example, leveraging global business services units or shared service centers to create a more efficient globally consistent way of working and delivering an end-to-end experience.

  2. Digitization of HR services – With technology enabled HR services, employees have greater access to tools to help them manage their careers, increase engagement, collaborate via social and crowd-source innovation.

  3. Analytics everywhere – The ability for HR to capture huge amounts of data is increasingly important to deliver insights to drive HR strategy and services. HR can leverage this data to develop a customized employee experience and proactively deliver services that anticipate employees’ requirements.

The result of all this is reshaping the HR function and a shift to “consumerized” employee services, focused not only on transactions but on value added services and activities based on insight driven analytics to deliver customized propositions that can help drive greater success for your people and your company.





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