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As the workforce expands beyond walls they need to collaborate and connect—anytime, anywhere



As demand rises for leading-edge experiences in our private lives, the same level of service is expected in the workplace. Workplace processes, structure and culture need to be reimagined at an organizational level.

HR needs to improve the employee experience by going social and mobile. Today, companies need to appeal to a multi-generational workforce that is no longer confined to an office. A global, extended workforce needs to be able to collaborate through social networks. They want to work seamlessly, in real-time, anywhere, with more access to data and information to take more control of managing their performance and careers.

Employees believe digital brings improvements

It’s no longer an “office hours” world. And in our busy lives, people need to consume information differently and in bite-sized chunks. For this to happen, HR needs to help enable freedom from the desktop, leveraging mobile and social connectivity to enable your people to consume and contribute information while out in the field or at their convenience.

Employees believe digital brings improvements Unsurprisingly, the young, better educated and those with higher level occupations are more positively disposed to digital technologies in the workplace. Imagine the size of opportunity when you can engage the broader workforce.
"Forty-one percent of CEOs say attracting and retaining talent is their greatest risk."

Developing the "right" talent with the "right" skills is shaping workforce management

Having appropriate talent and skills is a major management concern. Organizations are expanding the way they think about identifying and developing talent. Leveraging social and mobile tools helps enable management of the entire talent lifecycle, and is particularly effective and efficient in attracting desirable talent while maintaining a high level of engagement, faster and more efficient onboarding and increased speed to competency. Companies must continually re-evaluate the types of skills the organization will need—and be ready to reskill and retool the existing workforce as organizations embrace the broader ecosystem in which their companies operate, collaborating with educational institutions and exploring new talent pools.

Social and mobile technologies offer new opportunities in terms of ubiquitous training and different ways of learning, such as massive open online courses.


  • Leverage social and mobile in HR as part of your overall organizational strategy. HR should unleash the full potential of your workforce. Leveraging social and mobile technologies as part of an overarching Human Capital Management platform can enable HR to drive more business value and help provide the organization with the right information at the right time in the right place and allow for management at the speed of data—breaking down organizational boundaries to help release the full power of your people.

  • Start experimenting with more agile ways of working using social and mobile tools. A more mobile workforce requires increased flexibility on how work gets done. Allowing your people to disconnect from their desktop and use mobile tools to consume HR services at their convenience in real time, enables your people to access information at work the way they would in their personal lives—via social and mobile channels.

  • Enable learning anytime, anywhere. Mobile learning means learning anywhere anytime (with almost any device). Social learning enables employees to learn and consume information from a host of different sources and empowers your people to seek out required information—transforming the experience from a “learn and forget” (then refresh) to an agile and engaging experience. Leveraging these learning chains combined with social collaboration, opens up a whole new world of opportunities for an organization.

Our high velocity accelerators help our clients get up and running quickly on their new social and mobile strategies and processes. They work for 90 percent of our clients “out of the box.” Our consulting approach combined with our deep industry expertise brings an unparalleled level of real-world experience to the table.



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