Accenture Media Management

Global scale, custom results.

Transparency and Accountability

Our favorite words when it comes to media management: transparency and accountability. That’s precisely the power of Accenture Media Management.

Unscrutinized ad campaigns result in millions of dollars wasted every year on unseen ads or media buys that are far from optimized.

Accenture Media Management helps you keep close tabs on media spend of all types. We audit more than $40 billion of global advertising spending each year and we invest more than $5 million annually in proprietary tools and media research.

With our worldwide team of highly experienced media specialists and our proven methodologies for measuring and auditing, you’ll get an unbiased view that will help you pinpoint problems, take action, improve collaboration with your agency and never waste another ad dollar. 

We call that “high performance media.”

Specific Services

Global Scale, Custom Results

Providing highly customized results on a global scale. That’s how we deliver sophisticated media management services that help you maximize value. Our services include:


A report recently released by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) titled, "An Independent Study of Media Transparency in the United States Advertising Industry," has sparked a debate regarding rebates and financial transparency in the United States

It also highlights the fact that now, more than ever, collaboration and transparency are paramount to ensure clients and their agencies clearly understand the flow of dollars and remuneration, locally and globally.