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Accenture Public Safety Centre of Excellence Singapore

Creating safer environments.


The Public Safety Centre of Excellence in Singapore is a central hub of expertise. Combining leading thinking and innovative technology solutions from around the world, the centre helps agencies to realise practical outcomes that can create safer, more liveable environments and deliver public service for the future.

The Centre’s objectives include:

  • Assisting public safety agencies in the Asia Pacific region to enhance their capabilities through technology – such as video analytics, advanced analytics, identity management and organisational change solutions.

  • Connecting experts from around the world to share experiences, exchange ideas and help spearhead initiatives.

  • Developing business and technology innovations at a local level that can be expanded regionally and globally.

To learn more about the Accenture Public Safety Centre of Excellence Singapore, please contact Ng Wee Wei or Ng Tze Yang.

Why Accenture

Accenture recently completed the Singapore Safe City Test Bed – an integrated technology and analytics-driven solution that enabled public safety leaders in Singapore to perform their jobs more effectively, with increased situational awareness and streamlined operations.

The Accenture Public Safety Centre of Excellence houses the findings from this project plus insights from Accenture’s 20-year experience working with public safety leaders around the world.

The global Accenture Public Safety team includes highly experienced former police officers, federal agents, criminal investigators and representatives from other public safety agencies. This ensures the leading-edge solutions developed in the Centre – covering areas such as operational command and control, HR, finance, procurement – fit the realities of complex public safety environments.

The Centre also benefits from Accenture’s business research, which provides unprecedented insights into the characteristics and practices that help agencies achieve high performance.

Additional benefits include:

  • Solutions can be adapted to suit local cultures, conditions and needs.

  • The Centre has a permanent team of specialists dedicated to the application of new technologies and change management.

  • Accenture has accreditation in the process improvement approach generally regarded as the gold standard in software engineering and organisational development—CMMI Level 3.

Specific Services

The Accenture Public Safety Centre of Excellence includes:

  • Accenture Safe City Solution: A sophisticated video and sensor monitoring solution that employs advanced analytics to increase situational awareness, streamline operations and enhance authorities’ response times to public safety incidents and urban management concerns such as overcrowding, vandalism and disturbances.

  • Accenture Video Analytics Service Platform: A complex event processing and streaming analytics engine that brings together sensor data from separate agencies and “plug-and-play” analytics algorithms to derive insights.

  • Video Trawling Analytics System: Transforms the highly manual video trawling process which public safety organisations currently undergo to identify leads in a case. Provides officers ease of performing forensic search in a structured, consistent and intuitive manner.

The Centre provides the infrastructure to support public safety initiatives, develop new technological solutions and innovate to deliver public service for the future.

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