A wave of big data analytics is driving operational, and organizational, effectiveness, transforming generational companies into digital powerhouses.


Getting the most out of your data takes more than an investment in technology. We can help you put the right processes, people, and tools in place to support analytics and make efficient, informed decisions.

In a volatile and competitive business environment, companies must operate to bring their products to the market quickly, more smartly and cost effectively than ever before. Accenture Operations Analytics can help to meet their challenges in:

  • Demand forecasting: analytical capabilities and tools to segment and assign the best forecasting profile to improve predictions of future sales by as much as 10-20 percent.

  • Inventory optimization: reduce inventory by up to 20 percent and provide dynamic safety stock and replenishment order sizes, while ensuring customer service levels.

  • Spare parts optimization: helps inventory reduction by 20-40 percent.

  • In warranty management: analytics can help reduce warranty costs by 10-25 percent.

  • Predictive asset maintenance: improves the up-times, performance and availability of assets by understanding equipment reliability and predicting early warning signals.

Data-Driven and Analytics-Powered



We offer a range of services to ensure your business is ready to support and sustain a forward-thinking analytics environment.


Global Footwear and Apparel Company: Delivering an Enterprise Analytics Operating Model

Learn how advanced analytics capabilities helped a global apparel manufacturer achieve its growth strategy.

The footwear and apparel company found that its existing organization lacked the clear structure, alignment and accountability needed to put its analytics roadmap in motion at the pace required. Accenture helped to create an integrated analytics operating model and talent strategy that could scale advanced analytics effectively and efficiently across the company.


How Accenture Helped Philip Morris International Inc. Achieve Inventory Optimization​

Exploring the potential of inventory working capital optimization and increased efficiency in inventory management processes by overcoming the current limitations of the operating model.



Big Data Analytics in Supply Chain: Hype or Here to Stay?

Recent Accenture research reveals that while most companies have high expectations for big data analytics in their supply chain, many have had difficulty adopting it. In fact, 97 percent of executives report having an understanding of how big data analytics can benefit their supply chain, but only 17 percent report having already implemented analytics in one or more supply chain functions.


High performance operations hinges on the ability to gain insights from data. Informed executives can make more insightful decisions that deliver improved business outcomes across the enterprise. Every organization, regardless of its current capability, can benefit by becoming more analytical over time. From strategy to execution, Accenture Applied Intelligence works with businesses across the globe to deliver predictive capabilities and operations insights needed to outperform the competition.

Analytic capabilities underpin the most important imperatives operations executives face today:

  • Driving growth—from new markets.

  • Enhancing cost and cash advantage.

  • Improving operational excellence.

  • Restructuring the business at scale.

  • Winning the war for talent.

From strategy to execution, Accenture Applied Intelligence delivers the insights to excel in manufacturing and operations.