In brief

In brief

  • Accenture conducted research in 2018 to understand what it takes for public agencies to achieve better outcomes and address the needs of citizens.
  • We present our latest thinking – Living Government, a concept we developed after listening to what citizens are saying about their experiences.
  • Our research shows public agencies have opportunities to engage with empathy, proactively empower citizens and orchestrate seamless experiences.
  • As part of our Brilliant Basics framework, we review how public agencies interact with citizens, highlighting areas to enhance digital usability.

From Digital Government to Living Government

85% of citizens expect the same or higher standard of quality from government services as they do from commercial organisations. Citizens are digital customers; they engage and transact online every day. They are accustomed to consuming delightful, relevant and seamless experiences, with brands that continuously reinvent themselves to anticipate customers’ goals and needs. As customers’ expectations escalate and evolve in the commercial sphere, so too will their expectations for how they engage with the government. To transform itself and meet this shift in expectations, a digital government must go beyond bolting on technology to their agencies’ existing systems and processes. We believe the solution is a Living Government that empowers public agencies to deliver a truly relevant, connected and seamless experience.

Uncover what a Living Government entails in the report below.

Why it matters - improving citizen experiences for the future

A Living Government that focuses on improving citizen experiences drives positive outcomes for both citizens and the government. Citizens experience better health and financial security, and find it easier to meet lifelong learning goals, increasing their confidence in the future. Government benefits from better compliance and advocacy, and earns the trust of citizens while also enabling them to achieve their human capital potential.

Just as adept organisations have embraced change and transformed themselves to meet higher customer expectations, the government has the same opportunity. It can provide citizens with Anticipatory, Enabling and Connected Experiences.

Future Citizen Experience

Accenture helps public agencies become a Living Government that can quickly respond to change and propel the country into the future. See more.

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Living Government Perspectives: Stories from the Future Citizen

Our ‘Stories from the Future Citizen’ miniseries features how a Living Government enable citizens at different stages of life. Watch how Sophie, a new parent, is being empowered by a Living Government.

Future Citizen Stories (Sophie the parent)

Accenture's Sophie shares her story as a new parent and her career journey with us. See more.

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Or, find out how Julie, a Social Services Leader, is enabled with the tools to deliver the best intervention strategies.

Future Citizen Stories (Social Services Leader - Julie)

Accenture's Social Service leader - Julie, talks about her new role and her career journey with us. See more.

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NG Wee Wei

Managing Director – Health and Public Service, ASEAN

Eleana Liew

Managing Director – Digital Transformation


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