In brief

In brief

  • The human+ worker is a top trend in this year’s Accenture Technology Vision 2019.
  • For the public sector this means using technology to augment the workforce, improve employee experiences and deliver better outcomes for citizens.
  • Technology, tools and training will empower the workforce to perform existing roles in new ways and pick up where digital experiences leave off.
  • Public service organisations can move from reactive to proactive, preventative and predictive services, identifying those in need early.
  • To achieve all of this, government organisations must transform into more fluid, customer-focused, digitally enabled organisations.

Digital is influencing the way public service organisations shape and manage their workforce. When supported by new technology, workers have more opportunities than ever to receive comprehensive training, improve knowledge management and provide better services to citizens and businesses. Individuals who bring their own skills and knowledge and integrate them with a new, constantly growing set of technological capabilities are what we call the human+ worker. Public service organisations can unleash the power of the human+ worker to achieve a truly human government.

Empower the human+ worker

The Accenture Technology Vision 2019 surveyed 6,672 business and IT executives globally across 20 industries, including the public sector, to learn their key issues and priorities for technology adoption and investment.


of public service execs report that the pace of innovation in their organisations has accelerated over the past 3 years due to emerging technologies.


of business leaders say using tech to identify people’s hidden and adjacent skills would help them reskill and retain displaced workers.


of public service execs agree their employees are more digitally mature than their organisation, resulting in a workforce “waiting” for the organisation to catch up.

Transform the future of public service delivery through the human+ worker

Public service organisations can enhance the employee experience, and in turn the experience of citizens, businesses and communities, by optimising the workforce mix, supporting lifelong learning and enabling a continuous flow of knowledge.

Shape inclusive work experiences

Explore a future in which all workers have the motivation, means and opportunity to adapt to and thrive in the digital workplace.

Unleash workforce data

Vast amounts of workforce data can unlock higher levels of performance—including greater agility, productivity and innovation—and can improve the employee experience.

Rewire the culture

When the workforce blends human ingenuity with the power of technology, the public service culture will foster constant innovation and growth.

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Human+ is here to stay

The Accenture Technology Vision 2019 underscores the need for public service leaders to respond to their human+ workforce. For instance, most (93%) public service executives report that the pace of innovation in their organisations has accelerated over the past three years due to emerging technologies. The effects cascade to employees. Within the next three years, 39% of public service leaders expect that more than 60% of their workforce will move into new roles requiring substantial reskilling, due to the impact of technology. Clearly the time to transform is now, so that public service agencies can give workers the technology tools they need to learn, grow and thrive. The benefit? Happier employees and more satisfied customers.

Optimise the workforce mix

By determining the right mix of people and technology, public service leaders can build stronger and more diverse teams that are empowered by technology tools to enhance their capabilities.

Support lifelong learning

Investing in learning and reskilling strategies will prepare workers for changing roles. Technology is critical to enhancing training and experiences, enabling employees to better perform their jobs.

Enable fluid knowledge flow

As human+ workers move rapidly throughout and across organisations, knowledge is increasingly distributed. Technology can help organisations modernise and take ownership of knowledge management.

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Influence the DNA of the human+ workforce

Leadership and culture must adapt to shape a workforce equipped to meet the ever-evolving needs of citizens and businesses, when—and where—they are in need. Public service leaders can begin by:

  • Encouraging a culture of experimentation and unleashing workers to make decisions and take initiative.
  • Developing a governance structure that enables innovation and facilitates an outcome-driven approach.
  • Promoting new behaviours through approaches such as gamification and peer networks.
  • Empowering workers with tools, champions and coaches to encourage innovation.

Becoming human+ has expanded the capabilities of the workforce beyond what public service could have imagined just a decade ago. With the right investments in technology and skills development, the transformation will guide agencies to not only create a more engaged, productive workforce, but also to improve outcomes for citizens, businesses and communities.

Rainer Binder

Managing Director – Public Service, Social Services Lead


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