In brief

In brief

  • AI is already transforming the private sector, but its enormous disruptive potential won’t stop there.
  • The societal and economic innovations created by AI will soon have a very real presence in every industry—including Singapore’s public sector.

The potential for AI to double economic growth rates and increase labour productivity by up to 40 percent has convinced most citizens of the technology’s value in the public sector. While one out of three individuals believe they don’t understand the benefits of AI well enough to judge its use in government despite the majority opinion, these citizens overwhelmingly support government collaboration with AI once educated on how AI can deliver improved services.

AI isn’t a technology of the future—it’s here now and can’t be put off until tomorrow. The sooner that government organisations embrace artificial intelligence, the sooner they will become more cost efficient and increase citizen satisfaction.


of citizens want local government to explain how AI will change city life for the better.


of senior public sector leaders say they are both able and willing to adopt intelligent technologies.

"There are many opportunities, but this requires us to redesign work—to accelerate the skills of our people, so that we can constantly look at how human and machines can work together."

– NG WEE WEI, Managing Director – Health & Public Service, ASEAN

Carl Ward


Ng Wee Wei

Managing Director – H&PS ASEAN


The future of AI in Public Service

“AI is bringing new opportunities for human-machine collaboration to improve services, and government should be proactively exploring such new approaches to service delivery while ensuring AI is implemented responsibly.” – Carl Ward

Do we really understand AI?

Replicating human intelligence is still a way off.

Are we good enough for AI?

Frameworks are needed to govern implementations.

Can AI be creative?

What can we learn from the intersection of AI and creativity?

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