AI is not just a powerful new ally in preventing and detecting crime for public safety agencies. It plays an integral role in helping Singapore become a Smart Nation—by augmenting the police force and enhancing situational awareness capabilities aimed to boost public safety and security. To explore and seize these opportunities, public safety agencies need to ensure AI is used wisely in a responsible and legitimate way.

Driving innovation

Stopping crime before it happens

Public safety agencies are now faced with an explosion of data which can help prevent crime. By transforming in key areas, agencies can use AI to unlock the true potential of intelligent environments. Learn more.

Unlocking the value in data

With the rising use of sensor technologies, AI opens up ways to see the unseeable in public safety—provided it is used responsibly. Learn more.

Singapore Government: Safe City Test Bed

Accenture collaborated with six Singapore Government agencies to complete a test bed that trialed the use of video analytics in public safety.
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The speed to prevent crime

By transforming core operations, agencies can scale innovation and ultimately pivot from reactive models to preventive ones. The shift to crime prevention will create more security for communities. Learn more.

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Critical innovation in public safety

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Ng Wee Wei

Managing Director – H&PS ASEAN

Chun Wei Wu

Technology Delivery Lead – H&PS ASEAN


Workforce reimagined

Creating an adaptive police force

More time to make a difference

Proactive, preventative public safety

Responsible AI

AI will help citizens feel safe

Responsible AI will be integral in transforming the use of CCTV. Creating AI that follows legal requirements and is sensitive to the privacy concerns of citizens will help the public feel secure. Learn more.

The ethical adoption of AI

The successful adoption of AI in public safety must include ethical considerations. This plays a critical role in building trust as Singapore ramps up the use of AI to transform public service. Learn more.

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A defence against virtual threats

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Digital transformation

Gaining community trust

Intelligent technologies have created the road to a safer future. Emerging trends in technology powered by AI will help police forces become closer to and gain the trust of the communities they serve.
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AI in public safety must be “responsible” first

Adopting AI in public safety isn’t just about technology. While striving to realize the benefits it offers, agencies need to think carefully about how it’s adopted. Learn more.

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Restoring public safety online

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