AI is moving beyond a back-end tool to the forefront of consumer and clinician experience, with the potential to augment Singapore's healthcare workforce and decision-making. It can make every interface simple and smart, and its ability to help curate, advise and orchestrate new lifestyle and care services will raise the bar on how future interactions work.

Re-designing patient experiences

AI chatbots bolster Singapore's primary healthcare

AI and robotics are providing the next logical step for citizens needing guidance on who to consult about their care. Learn more.

AI will create seamless patient journeys

By connecting pieces of critical health information, AI will help create a complete picture of patient health and enable the delivery of seamless care. Learn more.

Responsive care through AI

AI can empower people to take control of their healthcare—providing guidance outside of appointments and quickly deliver answers on cost, insurance benefits or other information.

Giving patients more options

Intelligent machines will expand patients’ options by discovering better outcomes while reducing the money and time spent to achieve them. Learn more.

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Transformation through digital innovation

Creating better health services

Accenture's video shows how we are transforming healthcare through digital innovation in the HIMSS Europe World of Health IT Conference. See more.

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By using intelligent technologies to uncover new insights, health organisations can deliver healthcare services with greater efficiency, effectiveness and affordability.


of healthcare executives believe AI will revolutionise the way they will gain information from and interact with patients they serve.


of healthcare executives say it's extremely or very important to offer their products and services through centralised platforms, assistants or messaging bots.

AI will reinvent healthcare

AI does more than complement human skills—it augments them. The ability of intelligent technologies to help humans do more will quickly transform the healthcare landscape. Learn more.

Helping doctors eliminate human error

Because intelligent technologies don’t experience cognitive biases, they can be used to strengthen physicians’ thinking and increase their confidence in decision-making. Learn more.

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Workforce efficiency re-imagined 

Raising AI to benefit providers, plans and patients

AI now has a deeper touch in healthcare. It is much more than a technological tool—it is part of the workforce and needs to be raised responsibility, fairness and transparency. Learn more.

Creating new health careers with AI

AI not only works alongside clinicians and improve decision-making, it paves the way for new services. These future offerings driven by AI will create new opportunities and career paths.

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Dr. Julian Sham

Principal Director – Accenture Health, Asia Pacific


Critical mass: Managing AI’s unstoppable progress
AI: Healthcare's new nervous system

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