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In brief

By accelerating their transformations to meet the needs of a world in crisis, leading insurers have ignited a new and different future—one predicated on technology.


Insurance executives report that the pace of digital transformation for their organization is accelerating


Insurance executives say that their organization’s business and technology strategies are becoming inseparable— even indistinguishable

5 Tech Trends Emerge

Stack strategically — architecting a better future

A new era of industry competition is dawning—one where insurers can build their stack to drive efficiency and better serve their customers.

Mirrored world — the power of digital twins

Growing investments in data, AI and digital twin technologies are giving rise to an emerging era of business and intelligence: The mirrored world.

I, technologist — the democratization of technology

Natural language processing, low-code platforms, RPA and more are democratizing technology, putting powerful capabilities into the hands of people.

Anywhere, everywhere — bring your own environment

Remote work is here to stay, it’s time for insurers to transform this into an advantage.

From me to we — a multiparty system’s path

The future of insurance lies in collaboration. Leading insurers will reimagine their partnerships through ecosystems and multiparty systems.


About the Authors

Steve Murphy

Senior Managing Director – Accenture Technology, Financial Services

Michael Reilly

Managing Director – Insurance, Underwriting Community of Practice


Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Insurance, UKI


Managing Director – Talent & Organization, Insurance Workforce Lead, North America

Venkat Viswanath

Managing Director – Technology, Advanced Technology Center, Insurance Lead, India

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