"Innovation is not a purpose in itself, it's a tool to improve business and how customers engage with Caterpillar."

— OGI REDZIC, Chief Digital Officer and Vice President – Caterpillar Inc.

At Caterpillar he heads up the global digital strategy, covering everything from connectivity and enterprise data to e-commerce and analytics. His ultimate aim is to tie all those elements together through a unified, Artificial Intelligence backed digital ecosystem that empowers customers, dealers and Caterpillar staff.

Before joining the company in 2018 Redzic spent 20 years working in the automotive and technology industries, most recently leading connected cars and driverless mobility at Renault-Nissan Alliance.

Read on to find out what Redzic is embedding into the very DNA of Caterpillar.

What inspires you the most?

Ogi Redzic: I’m incredibly inspired by people that lead by example - those that set clear, motivational missions for their teams. A lot of companies set financial targets, and I think they’re necessary. But they’re really not enough for people to get truly motivated. When you commit as much time as we all do to work, you have to feel that what you do makes a positive impact in the world. I didn’t always have that in my career, but I do at Caterpillar. When power grids fail, Cat Power Systems come in and power hospitals. When we have an earthquake, Cat excavators are immediately helping at the scene. Not too long ago a hospital ship was being towed to New York City by tugboats with Cat engines.

We see Caterpillar helping people when both good and bad things happen. That in itself is quite motivational. At Caterpillar, we also have leadership teams that point people toward the mission, and I get positively motivated by that. I also like to look at what’s happening in Silicon Valley with Business-to-Consumer (B2C) customers. Once a customer has a good experience in B2C, they’ll expect that experience in Business-to-Business (B2B). Good experiences from your personal or consumer life do need to translate into just as good, if not better, experiences in the B2B world. And I think that cycle of time is getting shorter and shorter.

How will you and your team be game changers and impact the future of Caterpillar?

OR: It’s my job to ensure we have the right digital foundation so the company can be just as successful, iconic and remarkable in the next 95 years as it has been in the last 95. We have to keep connecting our assets with the most appropriate technologies available, and we must continue to advance our consolidated digital platform, which is a trusted enterprise source for data and services. This is really the most important thing for us and what makes it easy and fast for developers to build their own apps and services without having to worry about the underlying technology. In parallel, we need to embed core applications with machine learning and AI capabilities that are the best in the industry.

I will know we’re game changers when our internal partners and dealers are plugged into our digital infrastructure and everyone is benefitting from immediate access to our data and services. We’ll all be drawing from the same information, depositing into the same repositories and aligned in our development. It’s a bold goal - but we have strong support from our executives, a number of global digital hubs, a team of more than 800, and many strong outside partners that are helping us build this. And it’s working. The company is no longer just being viewed as a world leader in iron - it’s being viewed as a company that produces the most intelligent, most connected iron in the world.

Where do you see Caterpillar five years from now?

OR: It’s hard to predict the exact impact Covid-19 will have on the way our customers do business. What I do know is that digital will be even more important than it is today. I think we’re well-positioned to support our customers and innovate as their needs progress in this space.

Customers will engage even more with Caterpillar through our digital tools and e-commerce services. Artificial Intelligence will become an increasingly more important part of many things that we do - and not just in autonomy and remote solutions. It will be vital to how we ensure we have the right part at the right place when the customer needs it, how we help them service machines, and how we make all of this cost effective.

At the end, the true success of how well we've done will be measured by how digital becomes part of the legendary Cat yellow. Cat yellow is almost like the DNA of the company. People here bleed Cat yellow because there’s such commitment to the company, the brand, our dealers, and our customers. We want to enhance that with digital DNA.
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