In the digital fast lane

In today's ever-changing and constantly evolving digital landscape, there is an increasing urgency for automakers to keep up with the digital transformation of sales and marketing. Further fuelled by explosive growth in technology and changing consumer behavior, companies need to relook their sales and marketing strategy and adapt to this new reality.

Are you ready to make the wise pivot?

For many incumbent players in the industry, adapting to this new reality proves to be a complex, multifaceted challenge. Automakers must make a careful and considered transition from existing core revenue streams to the new pools of value that will ultimately fuel the business in the future, or what we refer to as making a "wise pivot".

Begin by asking these key questions of your own organization:

  1. Where does the future value lie in automotive?
  2. How to organize the business to capture value?
  3. How will data power the future automotive business?

Accelerate or get left behind

The potential opportunities are endless, but incumbent automakers must continue to transform and adapt if they wish to keep pace in the digital fast lane.

By relooking sales, marketing, and distribution strategies, and adding high-tech service provision to their traditional manufacturing excellence, automakers in the Asia Pacific can position themselves to lead their industry, and the world, in the future economy.

John Shen

Managing Director – Products, Greater China

Roland Mayr

Senior Client Account Director


Wise Pivot: How companies drive innovation in APAC
Discovering value and creating growth in a disrupted world

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