In brief

In brief

  • Customers are jumping between different OTT services to discover desired content. And, CSPs must deliver engaging experiences to keep them enchanted.
  • As the pressure for product differentiation mounts, CSPs find themselves in a delicate balancing act between innovation and industrialization.
  • We discuss three key pillars that are separating the winners from the rest without the natural destabilizing consequences that comes with it.

Customers untethered from lengthy contracts are steering the wheel to what they want and when they want it. To address this behavior, service providers need to constantly deliver more resonant, engaging, high-performing experiences that reaffirm the distinctive value of their brands and persuade customers to stick with them.

Our analysis of negative app store reviews for OTT video services shows that errors are among the leading reasons that prompt users to leave negative comments—which are painfully relatable and specific attacks on service experience.


Our analysis of negative app store reviews for OTT video services shows that errors accounted for 46 percent of negative reviews.


Errors accounted for more than three times the next most cited category, value (for price), which 14 percent of reviewers mentioned.

As companies launch, operate, innovate and scale new video products, we’re seeing a gap emerge between what customers want and expect from OTT services and what they are actually getting. This resulting subscriber vexation often travels quickly to the heart of operator business, leading to non-productive friction amongst and between product management and marketing, product development, engineering, and operations teams.

Key pillars to driving innovation and value

So how do you win in a market that demands constant delightful evolution, but will not forgive the natural destabilizing consequences of constant change? We have discovered there are three key pillars that are separating the winners from the rest:

Analytics – Treat data as a first-class citizen and invest in advanced analytics that model customers experience, marketing campaigns, feature value, and product value. Decisions are informed by data and organizations are accountable and rewarded for meeting metrics.

Architecture – Transition to a cloud-native architecture that is modular and enables distributed and rapid feature delivery and enhancement. They rely on proven architecture patterns that deliver resilience and scale.

Operating Model – Create a culture of innovation and continuous improvement that eliminates product, development, marketing and operations silos.

Rewriting your innovation playbook to win

With the major market disruption in video accelerating every day, what companies will do over the next 12 months will determine their ability to compete and win in the future. Since the rules of competition are rapidly changing, winning companies are the first ones re-writing the playbook. The old model of operating a video business no longer holds as consumer expectations continue to be molded by every digital interaction and new competitors emerge, battling for a share of consumer wallets. To succeed in the New, leading video providers will need to consistently evolve a service that is architected to deliver scale and resilience at speed, optimize the use of analytics to meet consumer and business needs and nurture an organization and culture of innovation and continuous improvement. All three elements are critical for success.

About the Authors

Greg Leja

Lead – Accenture Digital Video, North America

Curtis Kendall

Principal Director – Technology Consulting

William Loureiro

Senior Manager – Technology Consulting

Mark Flynn

Lead – Global Communications, Media Research


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