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The untapped win-win in self-service banking

Self-service leaders don’t act like banks. They act like digital entrepreneurs.


Bank executives are wondering where the pay-off is. They’ve invested a lot in self-service technologies. But the cost savings and customer enthusiasm that self-service solutions were supposed to deliver haven’t materialized. Unfortunately, for many banks, those benefits never will.

A small group of banking leaders, however, is enjoying a different experience. Like their peers, they are investing in self-service technologies. Unlike their peers, they are achieving their cost-savings goals and strengthening relationships with customers. The difference? Their strategies are built around customer value. And their tactics are focused on customer adoption.


Key Findings

Self-service makes complex processes simpler. It frees bank personnel from managing many low-value activities. And it provides customers with greater control of their transactions. The value potential is enormous.

Yet, despite significant investments, many banks have failed to seize the full self-service potential.

That's a lot of untapped digital potential. Accenture estimates that the top 25 US banks are, together, leaving over $2 billion in possible cost savings on the table.

Some banks, though, get self-service right. They create experiences that customers genuinely want, find valuable and are excited about. They then deliver those experiences in a way that customers control.


Successful self-service is not something banks do to their customers. It’s something they develop WITH their customers. Banks can do three things to drive self-service migration:

  • Analyze customer data to target self-service programs to the right customers, at the right time/location, and at the right cost. The goal? Deliver experiences customers notice, value and control.

  • Use best practices, along with test and learn approaches, to facilitate self-service adoption. Zero in on do-it-yourself techniques that resonate with customers.

  • Design products AND satisfying customer experiences. With savings from self-service, banks can redesign and reprice their retail banking products to defend their turf.

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