Transforming the enforcement of child support

The Foundation for Accenture Child Support Enforcement Solutions (FACSES) automates human services delivery and improves children’s lives


Human services agencies are struggling to help children get the support they need. Caseloads and regulatory complexity are on the rise, while availability of skilled caseworkers and funding are in decline. What’s more, legacy child support systems across the US are characterized by ageing technologies, siloed functions, high levels of manual intervention and poor visibility into performance. For many agencies, technology transformation is an urgent necessity.

The Foundation for Accenture Child Support Enforcement Solutions (FACSES) is purpose-built to help agencies overcome this challenge. A repository of proven, configurable and certified Child Support Enforcement (CSE) application components, FACSES speeds implementation and lowers implementation risk. It serves as a reliable and extensible application foundation that can address all current and future growth needs.

FACSES minimizes the administrative burden for caseworkers and boosts their productivity through real-time case management and automation. Thanks to its open, standards-based architecture, it is easy to upgrade and refine, and can integrate with other systems and software products. The solution’s patented, award-winning, citizen self-service portal also enhances customer engagement.

Why Accenture?

We have 20 years of experience in child support, which started with the implementation of the Texas Child Support Enforcement System (TXCSES). FACSES was developed, implemented and certified for the State of California—the nation’s largest child support system—in 2007, and is now being implemented in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Alignment with the Accenture Public Service Platform (APSP), a service-based technology platform, is a unique feature of FACSES. APSP helps human services agencies across the US to manage citizen services in an integrated way, thus reducing technology and management costs and fostering reuse, while simultaneously improving delivery. With more than 50 pre-built technical services, frameworks and adaptors, APSP enables rapid implementation and is flexible enough to customize to each agency’s specific requirements.

As part of the Accenture Human Services Suite, FACSES can interact seamlessly with our industry-leading family case management and public assistance eligibility systems. It integrates fully with all programs that are required for federal certification and mandatory for the provision of holistic, family-centric services.


Extremely flexible and extensible, FACSES is built to be future-ready. Its open, standards-based architecture allows it to integrate quickly and seamlessly with other solutions in which states may have invested: data warehouse platforms and CRM solutions, as well as forms and content management COTS applications.

The FACSES architecture leverages proven SOA concepts from our APSP architecture, and aligns with such industry standards as NIEM for data exchange. The improved outcomes it drives include mobility, collaboration, navigation improvements and planning tools.

In addition to being a proven, industry-leading solution that’s delivering results today, we believe that FACSES also represents the next generation of CSE systems. Capabilities include a web-based user interface that transforms usability and interactivity, configurable business rules, an industry-leading Java batch framework, sophisticated automated workflow and application integration, and enterprise content management. In addition, FACSES harnesses the power of disruptive digital technologies, with integration points for advanced child-support-specific data analytics and BI capabilities that provide in-depth insight into program performance.