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High performance smart cities in Singapore

Strive for operational excellence; use data driven insight; and use digital technologies to engage citizens.


Four key trends are driving issues and opportunities for Singapore’s smart cities to respond to:

Heightened pressure to balance budgets

In the age of austerity, city governments are looking for means to grow their economies and drive efficiencies in the delivery of public service.

Escalating citizen needs and expectations

Socio-demographic shifts present a challenge to city governments. Citizens increasingly have a voice through digital tools and are commanding more active engagement.

The acceleration of digital

Despite the proliferation of data and disruptive technologies, city operating models and institutions have not adapted to the digital age.

Increasingly complex systems

Cities are made up of major systems that are increasingly interconnected and congested, but city leaders do not have the tools to effectively manage and maintain them.


Accenture has worked with more than 80 cities around the world to help them transform and act on the greatest opportunities for value creation. We deliver more efficient and effective operations, achieve smarter decision making and build digital services—supporting our city clients in becoming high performing.

Efficient and effective operations


  • City operating models build up as a patchwork of departments over time and may not be reflective of today’s needs

  • Organisational processes are overly complex reducing city employee’s time on the front line or involved in mission critical processes

  • Systems are not fit for purpose and are increasingly costly to maintain

  • Limited view of the assets owned by city hall

Efficient and effective operations Efficient and effective operations


  • Stronger alignment between the strategic imperative and the organisation construct

  • Leaner processes enable collaborative working to deliver better citizen outcomes

  • Technology that empowers city employees to do their job effectively and efficiently

  • Effective asset management that incorporates predictive maintenance and dynamic work scheduling

Smarter decision making


  • Data is limited to silos, and underutilised in decision making

  • Multiple sources of data lead to no single version of the "truth"

  • Citizens are demanding transparency of outcomes delivered

  • Misalignment between stated strategic priorities and resource allocation

Smarter decision making Smarter decision making


  • Clear data sharing protocols enable collaborative cross-agency working

  • Intuitive dashboards mean greater visibility of results delivered to the citizens

  • Engaging open data portals that demonstrate results delivered to local citizens and businesses

  • Agile, data-driven strategic budgeting processes reflect the city’s needs

  • Clear prioritisation methods that link the city’s public and internal priorities

Digitally-enabled services


  • Frustration with the contrast of the digital experience between the private and public sector services

  • The digital opportunity (analytics, IoT, mobile-enabled working etc.) is poorly understood and under-applied

  • Digital projects fail to scale beyond pilots

  • Lack of common standards can lead to interoperability issues and duplication

Digital citizen services Digital citizen services


  • Citizens are delighted to experience better services from their city provider

  • Infrastructure is better managed through remote sensing, control and actuation delivering efficiency savings

  • Digital projects are readily scaled and replicated. Projects support the achievement of an overall digital vision.

  • Digital investments enable data sharing, avoid unnecessary costs and vendor lock in.


Accenture helps cities improve public service, see our studies below:


Wee Wei Ng

Managing Director Health & Public Service Lead ASEAN

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Simon Giles

Global Cities Lead

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Global Cities Management Consulting Lead

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