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Putting talent on the examining table

Finding the right treatment to transform healthcare talent practices and improve patient care


Healthcare has always been a talent-intensive industry. For most providers, talent is their number one or two cost. Retention is challenging due to stress, fatigue and frustration. Patients are opting to be ‘doctorless,’ taking over control of their own medical records and care plan. The pace of change with digital and technology also puts a massive stress on the workforce and its leaders to evolve ahead of the competition.

Healthcare organizations today must develop the right talent treatment to attract and retain the best practitioners, outperform their competitors and accommodate today’s patient-centric, digital business models.


Key Findings

Healthcare organizations can transform their workforce by rethinking responses to three common “misdiagnoses.”

Misdiagnosis #1: There is a talent shortage in healthcare.
Issues regarding talent aren’t about having more people to do the work. It’s about having people with the right skills doing the right work within an effective operating model.

Misdiagnosis #2: Digital is diminishing the human touch and “dumbing down” jobs.
Eighty-nine percent of healthcare organizations say having a personalized customer experience fits within their top three priorities. By augmenting humans’ capabilities to improve safety and care delivery, clinicians will be able to deliver a personalized customer experience, focus on empathy and perform at “top of licensure.”

Misdiagnosis #3: Healthcare only takes place in high-tech clinics and hospitals.
Emerging technologies are driving healthcare out of centralized brick and mortar clinics and into a distributed healthcare ecosystem that comprises home care, telemedicine, minute-clinics and community health centers.


Here’s how leaders can support the new health ecosystem:

Reformulate the care delivery experience—and deliver on it. Think about how your people, machines and digital tools can create a care delivery experience that inspires both patients and employees.

Get the talent prescription right to build a healthy business. While there is no single formula for healthier patients and business outcomes, human capital can fuel the success of businesses.

Focus on patient—and employee—outcomes. The culture should be one that encourages accountability and transparency in a caring work environment that is focused on delighting patients and exceeding expectations.