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Global: For richer, for poorer? Government’s role in preserving standard of living

Learn about delivering public service for the future by creating high performing labor markets globally.

Will future generations fare better—or worse—than their parents?

Around the globe, changing demographics and stagnant participation and productivity growth rates are threatening standard of living. Accenture research and analysis suggest that governments need to respond with urgency and decisiveness to address fundamental challenges in their labor markets. Without such action, standard of living may decline up to 12 percent by 2030 across the countries studied.

For this research, Accenture analyzed the implications of demographic changes in 162 countries and surveyed citizens, job seekers, employers and public employment services officials in 11 countries, 12 US states and the Canadian province of Ontario. The Global Executive Summary shares factors affecting labor markets and threatening standard of living, provides highlights of our survey findings and outlines recommendations for how governments can help labor markets become more transparent, more connected and more flexible—delivering public service for the future.

Standard of Living Could Decline up to 12 Percent by 2030 Globally. Click here to view the larger image.