Explained a guide for executives


  • Everyone is talking about artificial intelligence (AI). From boardrooms to factory floors, from call centres to logistics fleets, and from governments to venture capitalists, artificial intelligence is suddenly the hottest topic in town.

  • But is AI anything more than the latest technology buzzword? The answer is yes. In fact, AI might just be the single biggest technology revolution the world has ever seen.

  • This guide aims to give you an understanding of AI’s underlying technologies, its game-changing capabilities, and its potentially revolutionary implications.


Ray Eitel-Porter Ray Eitel-Porter
Managing Director, Applied Intelligence Lead, UKI
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Ray Eitel-Porter is a Managing Director with Accenture Digital, leading the UK & Ireland Applied Intelligence Practice. Ray has led the formation of an Alliance between Accenture and The Alan Turing Institute, the UK’s national institute for data science and artificial intelligence, to further research and innovation applied to real-world business challenges. He is a regular speaker and social media commentator on the subjects of analytics, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Digital transformation. He chairs the government’s Data Skills Taskforce and sits on techUK’s Cloud, Data, Analytics & AI Council.


The single biggest technology revolution the world has ever seen


Is AI anything more than the latest technology buzzword?

So what is AI anyway?


AI as we know it isn’t really a technology in its own right at all.

Wait, haven’t we been there before?


AI is far from a new idea, with a term coined as long ago as 1956, how far have we come?

Ok, I’m sold. But what do I actually need to do now?


In such a fast-moving field, it can be hard to see the wood for the trees.

Hold on, we haven’t talked about the risks involved


It pays to begin an AI journey with a clear sighted vide of the risks involved.

And what about the bigger picture?


The actions we take when it comes to AI can reverberate way beyond the boundaries of a single organisation.

It’s time to get smart and get started


As it gains critical mass, AI will change how we work and live, forever.