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Digital human services is the next level in service delivery

Forward-thinking agencies are harnessing digital technologies to change the way they work and deliver new outcomes to people.

The art of the possible

Does a day go by anymore that you don’t depend on digital tools and technologies to accomplish important tasks? Probably not. Digital is part of the fabric of our lives, making transactions more convenient, faster, smarter and personalized.

Many human services agencies have begun the journey to a digital future. They are building the foundation of the digital human services agency by strengthening their use of data, mobility and service design. It’s about empowering the human service workforce in new ways, and delivering a new level of customer-first experiences to help people on the path to self sufficiency.

Realize the vision

Digital is not just the stuff of Silicon Valley disruptors. It has the potential to reinvent every aspect of how human services agencies work and serve.

Put mobility to work

Mobile tools can jumpstart human services workforce productivity and connect people with vital services, wherever they are.

Design for people

​Service design rooted in customer understanding creates easy, intuitive digital human services experiences that truly serve people.

Discover Why Service Design Is about More Than a Pretty Face

Lisa Mitnick, Managing Director, Accenture Mobility


“It comes down to a new digital mindset. There are a lot of new capabilities out there that can dramatically improve outcomes.”

Lisa Mitnick
Managing Director
Accenture Mobility


Lisa Mitnick

Lisa Mitnick
Managing Director, Accenture Human Services

Lisa Mitnick is managing director, Accenture Digital, where she is responsible for driving mobile and digital innovation services across North America Health and Public Service markets. Lisa was named to Mobile Marketer’s Mobile Women to Watch in 2013.

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