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Shared Services: Collaboration results in government transformation—Video

Learn how cross-jurisdiction collaboration between state and local agencies is helping to drive government transformation.

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This video was taken at the 2013 Public Sector and Education Shared Services Summit held June 4-6 at Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass.

With budget cuts, rising citizen expectations and a large portion of its skilled workforce nearing retirement, governments are finding the current practice of maintaining duplicative services to be unsustainable. Agencies are moving back-office functions to shared services organizations so that they can focus resources on their mission-critical goals and innovate to achieve government transformation.

In this video, John Murray, Managing Director – Accenture, and James Earp, Assistant City Manager, City of Kyle, Texas, explain how state and local government entities are collaborating across jurisdictions to achieve government transformation and efficiently deliver citizen services. Discussion includes:

  • The innovative solutions that government agencies are using to transform their organizations and increase productivity

  • How state and local government leaders collaborate across jurisdictions to efficiently deliver essential services

  • The benefits to collaborating to merge government functions to achieve government transformation

By joining or merging governmental entities, organizations can modernize and meet future demands, collaborate on economic development, improve services for citizens and reduce overall cost to taxpayers.