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Accenture Cloud Platform: Skilled integration from systems to service

According to 451 Research, we're providing businesses with value-added services and the capability to "confidently manage" cloud operations.

Many of our competitors view themselves as “natural heirs” to future demand for service-integration offerings. The future is promised to no one, of course. But with our cloud expertise, we aim to keep you a step ahead.

With our Accenture Cloud Platform, we provide a pre-integrated selection of services to help clients choose what’s right for them, according to a report from 451 Research, a leading advisor in the business of enterprise IT innovation.

Our “asset–light” approach is not a departure but an extension of our core business model, which we’ve held for years, 451 Research added.

To get the job done, we also tap the resources of several of our key partners, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, NTT Communications and Verizon Terremark.

Our partner model allows service providers to focus on core competencies and value-added capabilities while conserving capital.