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Accenture Technology Vision for Revenue Agencies: Five trends shaping the future

Learn how the 2015 Accenture Technology Vision five trends are helping revenue agencies become digital leaders.


Becoming digital is no longer about embedding digital technologies within the organisation. Revenue agencies are only now beginning to tap the full potential of the digital ecosystem. Those that seize this opportunity will become the digital leaders in government.

The Accenture Technology Vision 2015 maps out five key trends that revenue agencies need to embrace for delivering public service for the future:

  • The Internet of Me
  • Outcome Economy
  • Platform (R)evolution
  • Intelligent Enterprise
  • Workforce Reimagined.
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Accenture Technology Vision for Revenue Agencies: Five trends shaping the future

Key Findings

Trend 1
Internet of Me: Personalised taxpayer services.

In order to meet taxpayers’ expectations for a more personalised experience, revenue agencies are adopting a new taxpayer-centric model – based upon rich, personalised interactions that reduce the strain on traditional channels.

Trend 2
Outcome Economy: Linking digital and physical to reduce compliance burden.

Compliance has always been one of the main concerns of taxpayers. Through the use of hardware devices that capture data automatically, revenue agencies are turning previously complex processes and administrative burden into simple transactions, thereby increasing taxpayers' compliance certainty.

Trend 3
Platform (R)evolution: Platform-based revenue agencies.

To become a ”zero-touch” taxation system and improve taxpayers’ experiences, revenue agencies are developing their own digital platforms. This will improve their collaboration across their ecosystem with stakeholders from both the public and private sectors, and with partners that include banks, accountants, lawyers and other government agencies.

Trend 4
Intelligent Enterprise: Huge data, smarter software—improved revenue collection.

Through the capture of huge amounts of data, enhanced through software intelligence and analytics tools, revenue agencies are transforming their decision making processes, optimising their audit and revenue collection.

Trend 5
Workforce Reimagined: Governing at the intersection of humans and machines.

Revenue agencies are working side-by-side with intelligent technology, accelerating human-machine collaboration.


David Regan, Global Managing Director, Accenture Revenue Industry Group
Dublin Grand Canal