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What We Do

Safer and smarter businesses—across the whole value chain

Accenture’s Energy consulting group helps oil and gas companies transform, grow and adapt in an increasingly digital world.

Exploration and Production (E&P) Exploration and Production (E&P)

Upstream Energy

Tackle disruption head on and embrace innovation to revolutionize exploration & production (E&P) operating models for competitive advantage.

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Refining Refining


The next generation of digital or "intelligent" plants will significantly reduce preventable losses with greater safety and efficiency—through integration of real-time information.

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Fuels Retail Fuels Retail

Fuels Retail

Fuel retailers are being challenged to keep up with customer expectations and a new competitive landscape. They need to act fast to understand how emerging technologies can help build and improve their businesses.

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Trading and Commercial

We are helping oil and gas companies manage risk, reduce costs and monetize opportunities across the functional operating model, through an innovative, comprehensive and field-tested approach.


Enterprise Functions Enterprise Functions

Enterprise Functions

We help oil and gas companies streamline, optimize and digitize all areas of their business.


Driving innovation to improve the way the world works and lives


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Visit our industry-relevant innovation centers in Sophia Antipolis, Singapore and Houston.

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