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John Vidas

Managing Director
Growth and Strategy for H&PS



John Vidas is the managing director for Accenture, responsible for growth and strategy of the Health and Public Service practice across Asia Pacific. John has previously led Accenture's Health Industry in the region over a number of years, and has also served as the managing director responsible for Accenture's ASEAN Health & Public Service business.

With over 25 years of experience in management consulting, information technology and operations, John specialises in growing Accenture’s business through industry innovation, talent development, and targeted investments.

John leads a number of Accenture accounts, with extensive in experience in the planning and implementation of large scale transformation programs. He has worked closely with many clients, including the Singapore MOH Holdings, Ministry of Defence, IRAS, Queensland Rail, the Australian Taxation Office, the Queensland Department of Public Works & Housing, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, South Blackwater Coal and Eskom Utilities.

John has together with Accenture’s dedicated professionals, delivered results in various industries including Health, Revenue, Defence, and Citizen Services. He has led a number of business process and technology change initiatives at his clients across various technologies and process areas: Technologies include SAP and Oracle, and process areas include Finance, HR, Payroll, Inventory / Procurement, Engineering and Maintenance, Real Estate Management and Business Intelligence.

John has earned Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Science degrees from the University of Queensland. He has worked in Australia, China, Japan, South Africa, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vietnam. John now lives in Singapore.

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