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Understand the New Energy Landscape

The Energy and Sustainability Conference provides the forum for procurement professionals and demand or sustainability specialists to gain insight, share experiences and be at the forefront of new ideas and innovation within the global energy market.


Day One

The conference opens with us sharing our thought leadership and future energy vision to set the scene for deeper discussion in the specialist round table sessions which are split into three streams; demand, strategy and supply.

Our Round Tables:

  • Help to develop critical thinking.

  • Highlight the multi-dimensionality of the issue under discussion.

  • Facilitate clarification on key issues.

  • Provide solid outputs that can be tactically applied to your organization to deliver business outcomes.

Round Tables are hosted by our energy, strategy and sustainability specialists covering a range of subjects:

  • Renewable PPAs: opportunities across continents

  • Intermittency in a smart world

  • Promoting the energy agenda internally

  • How to drive ROI from demand technology

  • Opportunities for non-mainstream renewables

  • Asset strategies for reducing energy and non-energy costs

  • Making sense of global opportunities

  • Implementing demand side technology

Our Specialists

Day Two

The second day focuses on in-depth analysis of current energy market dynamics. Markets are analyzed from not only a market fundamentals perspective, but also from a policy, regulation, economics and commercial standpoint. Together these factors serve as inputs for the detailed 5 year price forecasts accompanying the conference.

Our in-depth analysis provides:

  • Insight on key currently prevailing energy market dynamics.

  • Understanding of the likely impact and magnitude of market fundamentals, policy drivers and regulatory decisions.

  • Quantification of the 5 year outlook for energy prices.

  • Explanation of the evolution of the macro-economic picture and the impact on energy prices.

  • Interpretation of the complex and convoluted energy market impacting on an energy buyer’s strategic thinking.

Day Two Speakers

Speakers and topics are subject to change.

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