C. Yan An


C. Yan An


Digital Marketing Consultant



Area of Interest

Digital Careers

Career Area



Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science, Nanyang Technological University of Singapore

What I Do

Being a Consultant at Accenture Interactive, my key responsibility is to originate, qualify and close new opportunities for Accenture with our clients across our digital services, including digital strategy, content management, campaign management, multi-channel analytics, user experience, and e-commerce. As the digital world that we live in today is ever-changing, I also dedicate time to keep myself updated with the digital landscape and trends by attending digital-marketing conferences, workshops and trainings. This helps me to be ahead of our clients and provide better advice.

Day in my Life

Any day in Accenture is defined by yourself and you are trusted to manage your work and time effectively. Besides the usual client meetings and presentations, I would also prepare and conduct workshops, research and craft business proposals, or even tinker with hardware and build prototypes! I also commit time to enrich our people culture in the company, by organizing fun events and sourcing for corporate perks!

Outside the Office

As an advocate for electric vehicles, I love to test-drive the latest electric cars on the market and attend motor shows to be inspired by cutting-edge technologies. I am excited about the future of mobility as electric and self-driving cars are going to be the next wave of revolution after the Internet. Needless to say, Elon Musk is my man!

My Advice

Keep an open mind and never be afraid to fail. Surround yourself with the brightest minds and challenge your comfort zones. Life is too short for mediocrity!