Wai Ying T.


Wai Ying T.


Senior Manager



Area of Interest

Consulting Careers

Career Area

Program, Project & Service Mgmt


Bachelor of Business Administration

What I Do

I work for management consulting in the area of Operations. My functional experience and knowledge is in Integrated Planning and Fulfillment and I work with clients in different industries. Most of what I do in Accenture involves leading business development efforts, delivering projects and building capabilities of Operations management consultants.

In leading and supporting business development efforts, I speak with clients’ vice presidents of Supply Chain or Operations Directors on their issues in order to shape solutions and proposals that will help them deliver strong business values. By working closely with a group of clients, I develop in-depth knowledge of their business and build trust-based relationships with my clients.

I also lead projects and work with my project teams to deliver improvements to our clients’ Operations. On some projects, I take on a Subject Matter Advisor role, where I leverage my expertise to provide insights.

To keep up with the ever-changing business environment, I work consistently with our capability development teams to bring new offerings and knowledge to the Operations team and our clients. I then introduce and propagate the information to the team and provide support in business development and in delivering the projects.

Day in my Life

A day in my life can be rather dynamic, requiring me to work at different locations and on different agendas. Such a day would look involve doing a conference call at home in the early morning with a client based in the US, then catching the mid-morning flight to Manila where I run a couple of projects. Upon landing, I will rush to the client’s office for workshops or meet with my project teams to provide guidance while keeping myself abreast of the progress.

While activities are ongoing at one client, I would travel to the next nearby city to meet another client to discuss a proposal or recommendations to engage Accenture in another phase of the transformation journey that we have started with them. On other occasions, I could be meeting my Philippines colleagues at one of our local offices to discuss upcoming opportunities. I will end the day by reviewing or preparing the documentation from my projects or preparing proposals that are soon due. Needless to say, I read and respond to emails mostly on my mobile device when I am on the move.

On a less dynamic day, my work is done in one location where I focused on a certain agenda, while driving and attending to numerous meetings, discussions, and conference calls.

Outside the Office

To keep up with the demands of the job, I de-stress by practicing yoga. I attend yoga classes at my neighborhood on a weekly basis, where I also get to catch up with my neighbors. Spending two hours at yoga keeps me in shape and keeps me connected with my community!

My Advice
If you are passionate about helping companies transform and improve, like challenges, are open to changes and have something to contribute then I believe Accenture is the place for you. At Accenture, we believe in training and coaching our people, have a support network of Subject Matter Advisors that provides insights to projects, and cultivate an organizational culture that supports work-life balance. Most importantly, you have the autonomy to shape the work that you want to do and your career.

My recommendations are:

  1. Have objectives and be open to opportunities. With the right skills, you can participate in a diverse range of opportunities, from working internationally with a Fortune 500 client to leading an initiative at an NGO. The possibilities are endless and that’s what keeps it interesting.

  2. Learn to manage the stress and pace yourself through the peaks and troughs. High stress levels come with the job, but so do the immense job satisfaction and achievement such as recognition from the client and the organization.

  3. Have a can-do attitude and build your Accenture network. When faced with a challenge, think positive and leverage the extensive Accenture network. Many experienced and brilliant people in Accenture are always more than willing to help.