Shameek B.


Shameek B.


Consulting & Technology Delivery Lead



Area of Interest

Consulting Careers

Career Area



Postgraduate Degree in Business Management

What I Do

I am responsible for anything related to Accenture in the wealth and private banking application landscape overhauling across 30 counties in a very large UK bank. The programme is being run out of Singapore and involves around 10 Accenture resources (and growing) onsite and a team of over 30 resources in Chennai. The team is multi ethnic and diversified and we ensure that we have our share of fun through project outings, off-sites and meeting up after office hours.

Day in My Life

My day starts with seeing the smiling face of my 6.5 year old son waking up from sleep (some things are absolutely priceless). A quick breakfast before dropping the kid off at the school bus stand and I am already thinking about the things that I need to address later in the day. Thereafter, presentations and client meetings take me late into the evening, but I make it a point to have dinner with my family every night and read my son stories before tucking him in bed.

Outside the Office

In my downtime, I love cycling, building Lego sets with my son and if possible, catching up on my reading (my current area of interest is the power and influence of women in the Mughal period). On some Sunday evenings, my wife and I would take a leisurely walk at the wharf followed by a bottle of Chablis at Changi Sailing Club.

My Advice

Make a difference to your client. Move away from being a ‘consultant’ to a ‘trusted advisor’, but do not lose touch with your team in the process, as they make you what you are today.