Y. San San


Y. San San


Digital Marketing Manager



Area of Interest

Digital Careers

Career Area



Bachelor of Social Sciences in Psychology with Second Upper Honours, SIM University

What I Do

I work with Consulting, Technology and Creative teams to implement innovative digital solutions and experiences. From engaging each client to comprehend their business, conceptualizing and design creative strategies, production and delivery of customized digital solutions to the client.

Day in my Life

A good cuppa tea starts my day.

I am wherever our project is. Every project is unique and presents its own challenges. Our objective is to assist clients in their digital transformation. Working as a team, we regularly brainstorm ideas, fine tune concepts and make things happen.

When not in project, I work on pitches and business development. And in between, I enjoy exploring and researching creative designs, ideas and digital trends.

Outside the Office

I appreciate precious time spent with family and friends. A simple dinner or drink with my folks makes me smile. I play badminton weekly. Able to hold my fort when a shuttlecock whizzes towards me, gives me much joy and satisfaction. For quiet time, I will pick up a book to read; or study the Korean language.

My Advice

Stay on the pulse of trends in digital technologies. Cultivating an interest in this helps generate fresh ideas.