Rebecca Y.


Rebecca Y.


Emerging Technologist



Area of Interest

Technology Careers

Career Area

Software Engineering


Diploma in Business IT, Singapore Polytechnic

About Me

What’s great about Accenture is that it gives new graduates like me a chance to jump start our career and help us learn along the way. I heard about the Emerging Technologist Development Program (ETDP) in 2012, under the Learn and Earn initiative of the Singapore Workforce Development Agency. I signed up for it immediately while earning my degree in Business IT at the Singapore Polytechnic.

The recruitment process was smooth. The initial interview was done online through a video call, followed by an interview with an Accenture senior manager.

As part of ETDP, I went to Nanyang Polytechnic every day to study. Accenture provided us an online portal from where we could access study modules and exercises. While we had a course plan to guide us, we were encouraged to study at our own pace as long as we completed all the modules. The programming modules I took up while still at university helped me javascript much easier under ETDP.

Signing up for ETDP gave me an advantage among my peers. It helped me gain experience to progress in my career and select a specialization if I decide to pursue further studies in the future. It also helped me be recruited to Accenture in 2015 following my graduation from university.

To the future applicants of the program, I would advise them to be confident, familiarize themselves with the company and the work it does.