Matthias W.


Matthias W.


Software Engineer Associate



Area of Interest

Technology Careers

Career Area

Software Engineering


Nanyang Polytechnic

What I Do

I work as a software engineer associate, which involves writing scripts and retrieving and organizing client data. An example of this is when clients need to check the difference between our data and their data. Rather than going through every single row of data, I created a script that thoroughly checks the data. This allows me to work efficiently within the given time frame. I also do customer relationship management.

Day in my life

Every morning, while on my way to work, I go over what needs to be done for the day. Doing this saves time so when I get to my desk, I just check my e-mails. After this, I create the day’s priority list. It helps a lot that I get to work with highly skilled people so that even projects that may be difficult at first become opportunities to learn something new.

Outside the Office

I like going to cafes and trying out new kinds of food. Spending time with family and friends is important so I like to meet up outside of work for coffee or maybe watch a movie together.

My Advice

Always have a positive attitude and a willingness to learn. Over the course of your career, you will work with different types of people on a variety of projects. Some projects are easy and some are difficult, but all are opportunities for you to learn and grow. Accenture also offers a wide range of training courses so take advantage of those to enhance your skills.