C. Kin Leong


C. Kin Leong





Area of Interest

Consulting Careers

Career Area



National University of Singapore (NUS)

What I Do

In Technology Consulting, we are involved in high impact system development activities and providing advisory services to our client. I have been under the Communications, Media and Technology (CMT) practice since joining Accenture. Past projects span across delivering digital media platform in a small sized team to large scale transformation & Greenfield programs involving hundreds of on/offshore colleagues. My predominant roles are in data migration & test strategy, vendor & project management and E2E solution architecture.

Day in my Life

A typical day for me starts by organizing my tasks and prioritizing them based on importance, time critical and achievable factors against those that can be deferred. Combining this to-do list with my meeting calendar will determine how busy my day will be. Planning ahead for the day gives me clear focus and allows me to be conscious of the non-priority tasks/discussions that can take up a lot of time. Having said so, unplanned activities are not uncommon but sometimes, are equally important especially when team members are looking for support & advice.

Outside the Office

My love for CueSports is indescribable, be it pool or snooker. I used to play whenever I have the time and on most weekends. Nowadays, I only attend monthly events and catchup with fellow enthusiasts. I feel that this is not a sport where interest can easily be retained because of the discipline and focus required before one can really enjoy the game.

There is a circle of CueSports enthusiasts in Accenture and together we established the Special Interest Group (SIG) for it. We garnered high number of sign-ups in this SIG with recreational events held on a monthly basis. The team also trains competitively and participated in numerous corporate competitions. In Accenture, it is not just about your career, you can have fun here too!

My Advice

Always maintain a positive attitude and look at the brighter side of things. Day to day work can get really rough where expectations are not met, mistakes are made and unpleasant feedback received. You may be overwhelmed with negativity resulting in even lower energy, but remain positive, learn from your experience, manage feedback constructively and take deep breathes.

Develop an eagerness to learn at every career level - Technology advances at an unprecedented rate, you might spend too much time dwelling in an area, not knowing when it will become obsolete in the future, but your willingness to learn will keep you versatile as you transit into the NEW IT.