Htet Htet C.


Htet Htet C.


Software Engineering Trainee



Area of Interest

Technology Careers

Career Area

Software Engineering


Diploma in Information Technology, Nanyang Polytechnic

About Me

I decided to apply for the Emerging Technologist Development Program (ETDP) after Accenture made a presentation about it in our school. I submitted the required documents and then had an interview with a manager from Accenture. After that, I received a job offer. Joining a global company is a rare opportunity for polytechnic university graduates like me, so I did not hesitate to accept the offer.

The main reason I chose Accenture was the training opportunity it provided. We were informed that under the program, Accenture would send us for different training courses to further our technology skills. Accenture also offered better compensation, compared with other offers I received. More than that, I was convinced that at Accenture, I could grow my career if I had the talent and worked hard.

As part of ETDP, I start every day with a fresh mind. I am passionate about learning, so I always go to work excited to apply what I have learned from my colleagues and through the program, and develop my skills. As a fresh graduate, everything was new to me, so I'm glad that my teammates and supervisor always give me feedback to help me improve at work. A typical day for me includes brainstorming with my teammates, attending meetings and also having fun with my colleagues. Then I go home—content from everything I’ve learned.

The program has exposed me to new technology and some amazing tools such as Rational Quality Management (RQM), which is one of the Accenture Delivery tools for quality management. Technical skills aside, I have developed communication skills and learned work ethics. I am able to apply what I’ve learned through the on-the-job training. For instance, I write configuration files to import test artifacts from an Excel file to the RQM server, to shorten the time taken to create the artifacts in the RQM server.

ETDP has given me the opportunity to explore different aspects of the IT industry while learning. It’s now helping me decide the career path and specialization I want to take. Right now, I plan to pursue further studies in IT to enhance my skills and help me move to a higher career level.

I encourage technology graduates to be part of the program. It is a win-win-opportunity—you will gain work experience and develop your skills further through training, while earning a good salary.